Use cases


Evolwe AI platform enhances gaming experience by creating an empathic AI assistant for players which can understand player’s emotional state and interact with them in real-time

Adapts game scenarios and challenges based on the player’s emotional state

Tailors gaming experience to meet player’s needs and respond according to their feelings

AI assistant can answer player’s questions and provide information about game mechanics and story elements

Offers encouragement and support to player in case of frustration and amplifies emotions in case of excitement

Metaverse Platforms

Integrating conversational Evolwe AI into virtual characters in Metaverse social platforms adds a new level of excitement and makes it more interesting and dynamic for people to spend their time.

AI-powered virtual humans can respond to user requests and carry out tasks

Virtual humans interact with users in a natural and lifelike manner

Brings new social dynamics and collaboration opportunities between virtual and human characters

Enhances immersion and engagement in virtual world experience

Makes metaverse more interactive and entertaining


Evolwe AI platform revolutionizes the way companies handle customer support

Incorporating empathic AI into customer support systems creates a more empathetic and human-like support experience

Helps build trust and loyalty between customer and company

Implements empathic AI to better understand customer needs and emotions

Analyzes customer interactions in real-time and responds in a meaningful way

Leads to higher level of customer satisfaction