The core of the technology is determined by several factors: neuroscience, neurobiology and behavioral science.
The algorithm is built based on new principles of how the human brain and consciousness work. It creates a customized development plan for users constantly adapt. The neural network selects content specific to the user's needs, goals, and level of motivation.
The key advantage of Evolwe AI: is the absence of stigma. AI lacks stigma and acquired bias. We taught the AI an important thing - to understand emotions and to provide empathy. AI can track the dynamics of the state, based on daily entries; work with dysfunctional cognitive attitudes, the change of which allows AI help to correct emotional reactions and behavior. Based on the Evolwe methodology AI diagnoses the "profile", based on the biological and mental characteristics of a person.
Evolwe AI - is an independent, intelligent agent that is able to perceive and learn from its environment and recommend actions that will maximize its chance of achieving its goals.
Evolwe uses a combination of empathy, natural language processing, psychological expertise, excellent writing, and sense of humor to create the experience of a friendly informative conversation.
Emotions analysis (automated on AI) that analyzes user's interaction to create deep connections and provide personal recommendations.
Initial assessment, understanding user's personality and daily dynamics.
Creating personal development plans to help to set and pursue personally meaningful goals.
The methodology is built based on: coaching, emotional intelligence, CBT. Evolwe combines best practices to provide the best user experience and results:

What do we create?
Chatbot with emotional skills and styles. Our chatbot is completely generative: neural networks generate chatbot answers.
The platform for creating a virtual friend, AI companion, AI coach. An intelligent chatbot that speaks like a human: empathic, proactive, and consistent.

Out-of-the-box and customized dialogue solutions designed to automate processes in any industry. Can be integrated into messengers and websites. The Virtual assistant with embedded sets of skills is easy to customize and quick to integrate.
We use state-of-the-art Transformer neural networks: GPT2, GPT3, BERT, T5, XLnet, etc.
The technology was built on the basis of neurophysiology, analysis of thinking, psychology, how the human consciousness and subconsciousness function, and emotional intelligence.
API to enable quick connectivity to any form factors and smart speakers.
We create AI with personality.
Proprietary learning NLU module designed to recognize intents, essences, toxic, emotions. A dialogue manager, fully manageable generation of the logical discourse.
NLU Engine
Recognition of general and professional proper names (of people, companies).
Neural network styles: a proprietary development underlying the bot's capability to simulate language and semantics of a certain person.
AI styles
The bot is proactive: it not only answers, but also maintains the conversation on abstract topics.
Small Talk
The neural network provides an unrivaled quality of free dialogues.
Identifies user emotions and responds to them with specific remarks.
Sentiment Analysis
During the conversation, the bot recognizes the emotional and contextual context of the text, informs about it, recommends content and maintains the conversation, thereby imitating a "psychologist" or a "coach"
January 2018 – till present AI RESULTS
AI skills:
Uniqueness of our AI
– Emotional skills that helps to provide empathy and support to a user;

– Emotion recognition in the text;

– Re-learning;

Bots are constantly improving due to re-learning new data.
– An intelligent, EMPATHIC AI chatbot that engages like a human based on neurophysiology, thought analysis, emotional intelligence;

– Personality (the ability to emulate the personality of a specific person or character);

– Empathy (friendliness, empathy, expression of emotions);
– Humanity (involvement of the interlocutor in dialogue, humanity of communication);

– Skills – smooth switching of skills, demonstration of knowledge of the surrounding world;

– Proactivity;

– AI maintains an emotional and social context.
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