Our technology

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AI with empathy
Evolwe AI system uses natural language processing to accurately identify and interpret a user's emotions. Not only is this AI system capable of recognizing emotions, but it can also track changes in emotions over time, allowing users to better understand the needs of their customers and clients. This technology has the potential to drastically improve customer experience and aid in better decision-making.
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AI with personality
Personality really matters. At Evolwe, we want people to interact with the unique personalities they fell in love with, and they can do so at multiple touchpoints throughout their life journey
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AI that can make independent decisions
Evolwe AI technology is based on machine learning algorithms that are designed to improve with time and experience. Evolwe understands user inputs, automatically applies rules and logic, and can make decisions without human intervention. It is capable of learning from its mistakes and adapting to its environment, allowing it to make better decisions than would be possible with traditional methods.
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AI that understands deeply user’s traits, emotions and behavior
By taking into account the user's emotions and behavior, the Evolwe AI can make dynamic adjustments to the user experience in real-time, that allows to provide a highly personalized experience that is tailored to the individual's unique needs and preferences of the user.
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AI that recognizes user’s patterns and needs
Evolwe AI technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze user's behavior, habits, and preferences, crafting a unique and personalized experience. Firstly, it offers a highly personalized experience by anticipating user's needs and preferences, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement. Secondly, it increases efficiency by automating tasks and reducing manual effort. Thirdly, it provides valuable insights and helps in decision making by analyzing patterns and recognizing trends. Fourthly, it improves security by detecting and alerting potential threats based on deviations from normal patterns. Lastly, it enhances the overall user experience by bringing together multiple aspects of technology to create a seamless and efficient solution.
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AI that communicates based on the knowledge of a person
Our own neural network (using GPT2, GPT3, BERT, T5, XLnet, etc.) сan understand and respond to messages in a more human-like manner and tailor communication based on a person's knowledge, preferences, and history, providing a more personalized experience.

Breakthrough technology

NLU Engine

Proprietary learning NLU module designed to recognize intents, essences, toxic, emotions. A dialogue manager, fully manageable generation of the logical discourse.


Recognition of general and professional proper names (of people, companies).

AI styles

Neural network styles: a proprietary development underlying the bot’s capability to simulate language and semantics of a certain person.

Small Talk

The avatar is proactive: it not only answers, but also maintains the conversation on abstract topics.

Sentiment Analysis

Identifies user emotions and responds to them with specific remarks.


The neural network provides an unrivaled quality of free dialogues