Our product

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Сreate digital twins and personal AI companion or buddy

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Analyze the profile, emotional state and behavior of the player, stress level + personalize experience for the player

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Integrate own bots with rich lexicon and characters (new generation of NPCs)

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Create an AI agent that negotiates, persuades and cooperates with people - human level performance in games

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Generate new gameplays and metaverse worlds for a player

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Create a digital animated human and digital workforce (brand ambassadors, customer service etc.)

Our product

Evolwe AI technology makes game creation more efficient for game developers and engaging for players.

Our solution impacts the gaming industry and immersive realities with impressive analytics capabilities that could be further developed to study player behaviors and predict the winning team based on statistical and ML techniques.

How Evolwe AI empowers your company:

1. Improving The Gaming Experience

AI improves gaming by making it more interactive and real, monitoring player behavior to flag offensive language, and providing an immersive experience, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

2. Simplifying The Game Creation Process

Evolwe AI streamlines game creation by testing faster than human QA, ensuring a bug-free experience, automating graphics creation, and saving production time and costs.

3. Verifying Players’ Identities

Verifying players' identities is essential to prevent money laundering and fraud. AI can help verify players' ages and other metrics, ensuring real and reputable players are involved.

4. Generating Game Content

AI can be utilized to generate game assets at a large scale with different artistic styles faster and cheaper.

5. New level of customer support

Evolwe AI can revolutionize customer support by providing agents that can quickly and efficiently assist customers with inquiries with a more empathetical approach.