Our team

Behind every technology of the future there are real people who create this future.


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Founder CEO

Aliya Grig

A tech entrepreneur, innovator, space visionary, writer, and speaker. Has successfully launched and sold two hardware tech startups. Developed three space tech startups. Attracted $220 mln in investments overall.

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Marketing manager

Svetlana Bagiryan

Experienced in marketing and project management for 5+ years. Enthusiastic strategist who values communication and constant product improvement with a user-centric approach.

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ML Engineer (NLP)

Maksim Lein

An adaptable and strategic-minded data scientist with a perfectionist mentality. Maxim has an in-depth background in mathematics and petroleum engineering, as well as proven skills in data analysis, programming, and machine learning.

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ML researcher

Amina Sapakova

Medical degree professional with expertise in psychometrics and psycholinguistics. Brings a unique combination of medical expertise to the field of AI by conducting research by doing a comprehensive research.

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Lead NLP engineer

Igor Shatalin

Experienced ML practitioner. Brings expertise in NLP to the project. The winner of the “Agency for Strategic Initiatives" competition. Finalist in the “Digital Breakthrough” competition in machine learning.

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Conversational designer

Elizabeth Baranova

Responsible for the creation of dialogue graphs, content-making, and prompt engineering. Assists in a variety of marketing tasks, e.g. writing articles and proofreading. Supervises and consults the group of interns.

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B2B sales and investor relations manager

Victoria Agapitova

10+ years of experience in international business and developing relationships with clients and investors. Professional business coach. Owns a real estate agency in Miami. MBA in strategic management from China.

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Marketing assistant

Polina Vaneeva

6+ years of experience working with international students, including the creation of courses. Has expertise in international sales, production of seamless pipes, and development of marketing strategies.

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Product Manager

Igor Volodin

Experienced in working across corporations and startups at various stages. His passion for learning and creating new things is coupled with his desire to help people. He has a particular interest in Health Tech and productivity.


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Scientific advisor

Michal Kosinski

An Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, has joined our team as a strategic advisor. With over 90 peer-reviewed papers published in top academic journals and a focus on the study of human behaviour in the digital environment, his expertise in AI is invaluable. Professor is also known for his involvement in exposing the privacy risks of Cambridge Analytica.

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Strategic Advisor

Tata Maytesyan

Head of Product Strategy & Operations: Content at Picsart. With her expertise in building a community-led product strategy and creating value for each user’s experience, she brings a unique perspective to our team's efforts. She has worked in companies of various sizes, from early-stage startups to large multinational corporations. Served as marketing executive at Nike and used to be a strategy advisor at Pangaia.

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Strategic advisor

Andrei Tarasevich

Has joined Evolwe team as a strategic advisor. With 20+ years of experience in Partnering, Product Management, Design, and Crisis Management, brings extensive expertise in building and managing product teams, designing efficient processes, and coaching and mentoring. His background in IT and traditional woodworking industries has led to the launch of 4 startups and the successful delivery of 40+ long-run projects.

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Strategic Advisor

Tyler Kim

As a Strategic Advisor, Tyler can effectively utilize his extensive knowledge and valuable insights gained from over 25 years of experience in the video games, fin-tech, entertainment, and digital media industries. As a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist, Tyler is focused and dedicated to exploring the impact of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain/Web 3, AI, Fin-tech, IP Licensing, and content development.

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PR advisor

Dina Mostovaya

An angel investor, Global Communication Consultant, and the founder of the international consulting firm Mindset Consulting. In 2022, she was named the Best Woman in PR by the Davos Communications Awards. Her work experience includes a wide range of companies from the Fortune 500 list, unicorn startups, and global venture funds. Helps others to be creative in their business pursuits and leverage PR to assist in that.

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Fundraising advisor

Violetta Chekan

Venture Capitalist, 7+ years in early-stage investing with €20m in deals closed. Currently is a Founder and CEO at Vis Caeli, a Web3 Accelerator to support the next wave of leaders in crypto space. A member of the Selection Committee at public and private programs, a mentor and advisor for tech startups in Europe. She is a diversity and inclusion advocate, coach to female founders, and a member of Global Women in VC.

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Strategic Advisor

Milo Sprague

CTO, IT executive, and Board Advisor with 25+ years of leadership experience in Financial Services, Emerging Technology, and the Federal Government. Advises on Product Strategy, Security, IT Architecture, technology management, and innovation. Drives opportunities for synergy through technology partnershipы. Holds a BA degree from Harvard College and the Harvard Kennedy School in "International Relations and Technology."

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CX advisor

Anastasia Zdoroviak

Director at DoorDash, leading Voice of the Customer and Support Product Operations. As an advisor, Anastasia Zdoroviak is focused on Customer Experience and Product Strategy. With 10+ years of experience in business management across industries, has an expertise in uncovering data-driven customer insights to develop operations, product strategies, and drive business performance by designing customer experience.