Who We Are
The smartest and the most inspired people work every day to make our clients happier
  • Aliya Grig
    Founder, CEO
    Aliya is a tech entrepreneur. In the past she launched successfully and sold 2 hardware tech startups, and developed 3 space tech startups. Overall attracted $220 M investments.
  • Igor Shatalin
    Machine Learning Practitioner
    Igor is the winner of the «Agency for strategic initiatives» competition and the finalist of the «Digital breakthrough» ML competition.
  • Michail Chinov
    Chief data scientist and AI
    Mikhail has worked more than 15 years in the ML and AI. He is the creator of an algorithm which is used today in leading international banks.
  • Gregory Nikolskiy
    5 years in online marketing;
    Launched over 100 marketing campaigns. Work experience covers marketing for over 25 business niches, including offline business such as hotels, car services, construction, etc.
  • Alexandra Phelan
    Head of Communication
    Aleksandra has been working in Communication and Marketing for more than 15 years with experience working with global lifestyle and beauty brands.
  • Elena Popova
    Elena develops the Cosmos Human methodology system based on the system, selects psychological practices for the app, and designs diagnostics to assess the users state of being.
  • Platon Fedorov
    Psychologist & Metodologist
    Works on the methodological and psychological foundation of the project. Over 12 years experience in psychology and psychotherapy.
  • Masha Varnavski
    Digital Marketing Strategist
    Social Media/ Digital Marketing Manager with 8 years experience in US and China.
  • Marina Potryaskova
    Instructional designer and product manager
    With 8+ years of experience. Launched educational products for corporate universities, undergraduate and graduate schools.
  • Pavel Golovkin
    Product manager
    Founder of Neproga - edTech gamified platform.
    Work experience in business & system analysis for telecom (Etisalat, Netcracker), product management (EPAM Anywhere), financial modeling, budgeting, strategic management (BOOST C.G., Neproga)
  • Svetlana Bagiryan
    Marketing manager
    5+ years experience in project management and 2 years — in customer service and marketing.
    Responsible for analyzing the customer experience, identifying growth points and strategies to improve the product, user experience, and communication with users.

  • Polina Varfolomeeva
    Community manager
    8+ years experience in project management and 2 years — in customer development. Built the community of Russian young leaders in the sphere of sustainable development.

  • Anastasia Paranich
    Product Designer with 3+ years of experience in tech companies and startups. Professional in UX and UI design.
  • Evgeny Livandovskyi
    Digital marketing expert
    5+ years of experience in digital. Working with startups for 2+ years. Specializing in EdTech
  • Konstantin Sokolov
    Senior NLP developer
    15+ years of experience in software engineering, industrial R&D and academic research in the fields of computational linguistics, machine learning, large-scale distributed modeling for logistics and high-load international e-commerce.
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