Do what is meaningful with Evolwe Diary
Focus on the things that matter and become the designer of your best life. It's all in your hands.
Customized, AI-based Diary
Helps to explore yourself and your capabilities by means of artificial intelligence.

Create structure in your life and develop unbreakable resilience. Your routine creates your results. Gain valuable insights about your working progress and your mental state.
The Diary will help you to:
Create structure in your life and develop unbreakable resilience. Your routine creates your results.
Become accountable for your passions and understand your time and feelings through quick weekly/monthly reflection.
Visualize your progress and get a quick overview of your continuous gradual improvement.
Our solution is based on proven methods of coaching and psychotherapy, as well as a unique methodology of personality typology, tested on over 1200 people.
Structurize your life
Understand your feelings
Visualize progress
Understand your feelings
Support from AI-powered coach for the best results based on:

- AI and NLP techniques on psychological and coaching approaches to learn from millions of conversations annually

AI-coach will control your progress, analyse your mental and energy state and will give you daily motivation and recommendations.

+ Fast filling, thanks to clickable tags, the solution is suitable for even the busiest people.
Intuitive minimalistic design + no annoying notifications: you can schedule the time of notifications.
Night mode, which serves to preserve vision + warm light does not interfere with the process of falling asleep.
Customize questions and blocks to only use what really matters.
Receiving reports on your emotional state + the work done.
Our creators:
Founder & CEO
Aliya Grig
Aliya is a tech entrepneur. In the past she launched successfully and sold 2 hardware tech startups, and developed 3 space tech startups. Overall attracted $220 M investments.
Chief data scientist and AI
Michail Chinov
Michail has worked more than 15 years in the machine learning sphere and AI. He is the creator of an algorithm which is used today in international banks.
Ruchika Sikri
Founder of Mandala Ventures Tech.
Ruchika Sikri, Former Head of Wellbeing and Mindfulness Learning At Google, Named To Advisory Board Of Human Cosmos App And Cosmos City 2025.
Anastasia Zdoroviak
Director CX, DoorDash. Expertize: customer experience, loyalty, retention, growth strategy, quality, strategy & operations. Background: Head of Consumer Experience & Strategic Initiatives at DoorDash, ex management consultant Area of advisory: customer experience, retention, loyalty.
Dmitry Dumik
Graduate of Y Combinator and 500 Startups. Founder of Chatfuel, a chatbot platform that was named a key partner of Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of clients, including The New York Times, Forbes, Netflix, Greenpeace, Adidas,Uber, National Geographic, T-Mobile. Serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur with experience in both selling and failing businesses. Raised funding from investors such as Greylock Capital, Yandex, Knight Foundation.
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