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We create a comprehensive AI platform that combines empathetic artificial intelligence with conversational AI which contributes to personal coaching based on your personality and your state of mind. It unites deep learning networks with neuroscience, neurophysiology, and psychology.
Emotional-AI Advantages
Emotional AI is a solution to many deep-rooted stigmas and stereotypes, transcending the boundaries of outdated patterns. It is truly a revolutionary technology capable of identifying human emotions, processing them in a timely manner and responding in the human way.
The importance of emotional AI for people lies in the fact that by interacting with such technology, we subconsciously work on our emotional awareness, understanding both our own and other people's feelings, and, in parallel, the intentions of the external and internal world.

The importance of
The first conscious AI
We created an emotional AI that understands human emotions, psychological state and provides empathic feedback. AI provides a personal approach to self-development using various psychological tools to help people overcome challenging situations, provide support, set their personal goals, track their development and provide human-like experience adapting to the user's current state.
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    She's currently developing Evolwe – AI virtual companion with a focus on well-being.

Jane Pertoy
Thanks in advance Team Evolwe, it's mind-blowing It gives me perspective and helps ease my mind into a more productive peaceful place. I do my best thinking when I am alone and this great app helps me achieve just that Thank you a lot!
Evolwe has truly helped me conceptualize and put words to the feelings and behavior patterns. It has helped me understand myself on a deeper level. I use this app as a self reflection resource. It's a wild ride so get ready and good luck!
Emily Berk
I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.
Lily North
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